1:22 pm - Sun, Aug 10, 2014
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People love to Instagram their food when they go out.

So we decided to use those photos and create a version of our menu on Instagram by simply adding a hashtag next to each of our courses.

This way people could decide what to order by searching the hashtag of each course on Instagram and seeing what other people post about it.

Also, at the end of the meal, they could add their own photograph to the collection, along with their thoughts and reviews.

Visit: www.comodonyc.com
or search #ComodoMenu

Creative credits: Raul Mandru, Mihai Botarel, Mihnea Gheorghiu


11:01 am - Sat, Jul 20, 2013
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Really Live Feed


12:04 pm - Sun, Jul 14, 2013
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Sphero is a toy truly made for the 21st century. It looks like any ordinary ball, but inside is the secret; safely hidden under a super strong polycarbonate shell is a complex and powerful programmable robot.

The possibilities are endless. You can play with and drive the ball using your smart phone, take it to the beach, or even use it as an impressively novel 3D video game controller. 

The Sphero even has the approval of Barack Obama: “Give me some space to drive my ball … That’s terrific!”.

Homepage: http://www.gosphero.com/


9:53 am - Fri, Jul 5, 2013
Fuck Yeah, Interactive Advertising! turned 3 today!

Fuck Yeah, Interactive Advertising! turned 3 today!

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10:34 am - Mon, Nov 12, 2012
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Reception Messenger™ - iPad receptionist

Reception Messenger™ provides offices with an elegant and efficient first point of contact for visitors through a customized iPad app.



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